TCM Clinic at Lake Oswego


Dr. Mao and Dr. Liu have successfully treated many patients. Read their glowing testimonials below.

Carrie M.

"I can’t recommend Dr. Mao enough! I’ve been seeing him for several months now and I can tell a difference in my overall health. My sleep is better, and my PMS is subsiding. What I especially like is not feeling rushed, and that Dr. Mao really takes his time asking detailed questions, along with TCM diagnosis to come up with the best herbal prescription for my needs. The follow up visits are always about fine tuning the herbs, along with addressing any new issues I might be having. I much prefer this natural approach to health and would recommend to anyone looking to enhance their health to see Dr. Mao."

Jonathan M.

"Before seeing Dr. Mao, I spent over 20 years working with specialists trying to diagnose and resolve a laundry list of somewhat unrelated symptoms. After hitting continuous dead-ends, I gave Chinese Medicine a try. I had amazing success with Dr. Mao. My experience with Dr. Mao is purely with herbal medicine. Though it took a few months, nearly every symptom resolved (including some I'd gotten so used to I didn't even think to mention), and have stayed resolved many months later. Keeping a list and revisiting it is a good way to make sure you don't "trick" yourself into thinking something worked... In addition, the diagnostic process is notably different than western medicine. The questions are pointed, but can seem random. A good amount of time is spent studying your pulse and your tongue, rather than using scopes and machines. The environment isn't that of cold clinical sterility; it's just you and the doctor sitting across a table. But in short, it works. And Dr. Mao is very very good at what he does. I will continue to recommend him, especially for difficult issues that don't resolve with Western Medicine."

Glynis C.

"After five weeks of feeling terrible, unable to stand, loss of balance, headaches, cough and nausea, of seeing my GP, ENT and having a CAT scan, in desperation I asked a friend to help. She referred me to Dr. Peizhong Mao.

Dr. Mao saw me the very next day in his clinic. Herbal teas and pills prescribed.

Thanks to Dr. Mao, I'm very well again!"

Joyce R.

"I visited Dr. Mao once for a minor issue. I wanted to see what Chinese medicine was like and how one was treated for an issue. Dr. Mao was very thorough and felt my pulse for a long time. He was listening to you body. He helped me with my issue and then called to make sure I felt better after a few days. I felt like I was in good hands when I needed him again."

Joanne M.

"The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Mao is how responsive he is. Setting up an appointment was easy to do with no long-winded voicemail systems to get lost in. Once at the appointment, the focus is totally on you and why you are there. His genuine concern comes through, as you work together to figure out what's going on and the next best steps. I highly recommend."

Taka N.

"I was introduced from my wife about Chinese herb medicine. I had problem with eczema and other issue in my body. So I decided to visit Dr.Mao’s office. I was very surprised way he does diagnose my body. No high-tech machine involved. It was very very simple. I loved it. after few times visited his office, my eczema is gone and also other issues. Wow! Really?

Im amazed. Last thing, he has very good personally and kind, I will recommend Dr.Mao to everyone!


Leslie B.

"I began seeing Dr. Mao in October 2021 for help with circulation and flexibility related to Ankylosing Spondylitis. Dr. Mao did thorough history including medications that had been tried in past and currently prescribed. He never once recommended any change or reduction in my current prescribed medications but highlighted areas that he saw where I could benefit from Chinese herbs. Dr. Mao prescribed two herbs (I did not choose the tea as I knew I would not drink something that was not tasty). One of the supplements was for inflammation and one for circulation. Within a month of beginning this regimen I had sensation of more fluid in my spine and more mobility. I walk a few times daily but found myself increasing distance as my body felt so good. The change was subtle when not walking but less subtle during exercise. In addition, my hands were less cold and my circulation showed improvement as evidenced by the pulse oximeter what would not initially read my right fingers. As time went on it took far less time to get a reading.

I continued seeing Dr. Mao and still use same herbs originally prescribed.

I no longer have scheduled appointments but will reach out as needed in the future. I knew little about traditional Chinese medicine prior to being recommended to Dr Mao. I still have limited knowledge as to how it all works but I now that It has worked for me. Thank you Dr. Mao!"

DeDe L.

"Dr. Mao is an excellent listener & thinker. I trust his professional opinion as he has such vast knowledge of herbal medicine. I highly recommend TCM clinic at Lake Oswego."

Yvonne T.

"I go to this clinic and see Dr. Mao. He is very kind and very attentive to my concerns and always knows the best remedies to prescribe. I recommend anyone see Dr. Mao if you would like an alternative to western medicine or would like to complement it with a natural approach/Chinese medicine."

Bob Z.

"While searching for an alternative to modern medicine and drugs, serendipitously, I found Dr. Mao. Dr. Mao was thorough in diagnosing my particular ailment. Over the course of a number of visits and tea modifications he succeeded in ameliorating my health issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Mao. Thank you Dr. Mao."

Maryam B.

"I am so grateful to have found Dr. Mao. I first went to him following some fertility issues related to endometriosis and inflammation. I had always suffered from very painful cramps during the first 2 days of my menstrual cycle, and from my very first cycle since starting seeing him I now have almost zero pain and do not use any pain medications during my cycle. I believe that Dr. Mao is very knowledgeable, and that he cares deeply about my health and well being. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking options as either a supplement or alternative to western medicine."

Joel C.

"My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer nearly 2 years ago. Her first examination following completion of chemo showed a very excellent prognosis. Here doctor said he hadn't seen such a remarkable recovery at the time following chemo before. Her energy was excellent. Dr. Mao's following closely and adjusting her herbal tea mixture as he saw appropriate seems to have definitely helped. His supportive and open approach couldn't have been better. Now 1 1/2 years after the end of chemo her health is still very good. By the way, she is just turning 70 next week!"

Dieter W.

"I had a bad case of gout in my right foot. After several consultations with western medical doctors, I went to see Dr. Peizhong Mao at the TCM clinic in Lake Oswego. After the examination I was told that the cause was more internal and I needed to drink a special tea for my stomach which would help with the gout. The tea tasted horrible but soon afterwards my very painful inflammation got much better. I am happy to recommend Dr. Mao to anyone who seeks an alternative treatment to endlessly taking medication with a mega list of side effects."


"Dr Mao is amazing! He asked detailed questions and very kind and intuitive. He helped me prior my pregnancy and through my early Pregnancy with herbs. He recognized my health issues and was very patient with my situation."