TCM Clinic at Lake Oswego

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultations & Treatments

First Visit: $80

Up to 1-hour consultation with Dr. Mao. Dr. Mao will check your pulse and tongue, from which he can discern your entire body's yin-yang and current health condition. Dr. Mao will discuss with you about your symptoms, medical history, and current health concerns. With a combination of his extensive medical knowledge and emphasis on patient-centered care, he will create a personalized herbal tea formula for your individual needs.

Revisits: $70

Based on his past experiences with patients, a majority (60-70%) of patients will see improvements after the first consultation and treatment. Upon a revisit with Dr. Mao, he will reassess your pulse and tongue status, discuss any changes to your symptoms and health concerns, and adjust your herbal tea formula accordingly. Patients typically revisit 1-2 weeks after the initial visit.

Virtual Consultations

If you are unable to come into the clinic, Dr. Mao is more than happy to do a virtual consultation with you. Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in this option.

Medical Massage Therapy

In-home or in-clinic

1 hour: $120

With extensive medical knowledge in both Western and Eastern medicine, Dr. Liu uses her training in massage therapy to provide relaxing, therapeutic, medical massages. Dr. Liu uses a gentle touch to manipulate the soft tissues of your body, including muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and skin. Her patients have always found her massages to help reduce stress and anxiety, lessen pain and muscle tension, and increase relaxation.

Dr. Liu has a portable massage table and is able to travel to your home for a massage therapy appointment with no extra charge.

Dr. Liu specializes in relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and medical massage. She is also an expert in myofascial release, trigger point, cupping, gua sha, tui na, shiatsu, facial massage, and reflexology.